Hernández Ortiz y García Montiel, S.C.

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  • HOYGM: Nuestra Firma

Our Firm

Hernández Ortiz y García Montiel, S.C. [HOYGM], is a firm of attorneys-at-law and public accountants, vastly experienced on fiscal matters, particularly providing advice and tax litigation.

Service the legal and business needs of clients, providing specific and timely solutions deriving from its specialization and experience. It is a priority for NOÉ HERNÁNDEZ ORTIZ and LAURA GABRIELA GARCÍA MONTIEL, who provide their services through Hernández Ortiz y García Montiel, S.C. [HOYGM].

In addition to a broad sense of service and responsibility, the partners share their pleasure in teaching, training, study and participation in professional groups.

Nuestra Firma atiende las necesidades legales y de negocios de los clientes